At Business Lifers, we create digital doers. Our mission is to show you how to be more than you thought you could be in your life and your business. We help you bridge the gap between what you know and what you need to achieve your definition of success.

We are award-winning digital business coach Raels Robertson, and full-time eCommerce entrepreneur Adam Jowett. We’re straight-talking business experts who cut through the jargon and give you actionable advice, battle-hardened strategies, and practical tools.

If you’ve been struggling to reach, grow, and convert your audience, Business Lifers will help you to see real results in your business.


We are

Business owners
A little off-center

So, who are

Adam & Raels?

We are your business coaches. We are business owners. We are here to help you reach your definition of success, and our incredible Lifers community is on this journey with you.

We use our decades of experience, combining our scientific approach with a dash of creativity to be your business mentor. We are all your motivators, ideas generators, and someone to ask all those awkward questions you can’t ask anywhere else.

Business Lifers is about straight-up business advice. No BS. No buzz words (or as little as we can manage in this acronym melting pot).

We have decades of experience that lets us use all that is behind us to help you move forward (does that count as a buzz word?).

Being at the helm of a successful 20-year-old small business, Raels has weathered the storms you are in right now. A designer by trade before founding Mettro, Raels brings the creative flair to Business Lifers.

Adam, formerly a self-taught programmer, has been deep down the eCommerce rabbit hole through all kinds of economic conditions. Embracing the remote work, run lean philosophy, Adam brings the science to Business Lifers.

We have both experienced the ups and downs of running your own business. We know what has worked for us and what has not. And now, we are sharing the lessons we have learned to help you succeed.

Parents to our own sets of crazy boys (Adam with two, Raels with twin crazies), we are experts at solving chaos with organised, easy to understand approaches.

It all starts somewhere. That somewhere for us was 20 years ago.


Raels started her own digital agency Mettro at a time of significant change in her life. 

Having lost her dad, she was taking stock of where she was and what she wanted to achieve in her life. 

She knew she wanted to have control over her career and work with good people on good projects for great clients. 

Raels took a punt on herself, threw in her job as a managing director of a successful digital agency, and ventured out on her own.

Like any new business, Mettro celebrated good times and toughed it out during some leaner times. 

Still, with Raels at the helm, it grew consistently by word of mouth from an ever-growing number of satisfied customers. 

Mettro has become known as the place to go for websites, creative online marketing campaigns, and expert strategy and advice. 

It’s been 20 years, and we’re still going strong.

“Something I noticed early on was that, I couldn’t see any other women doing what I was doing – leading a tech company. I decided I would do what I could to help others in business. I have so much experience to share, and there is room in this industry for everyone.”

What happens when you go gangbusters

Mettro is now an award-winning industry leader with a reputation for creative problem solving and nailing the toughest technical jobs. Adam is the eCommerce and 100 Incomes master. He’s set challenges and achieved them tenfold in his years in online business.

Working with awesome clients such as MyWorld Atlas, Carpet One and Greater Springfield.
Winning a swag of awards: an international Webby and a bunch from the Australian Education Publishers.
Raels winning the Australian Institute of Management Owner-Manager of the Year.
Raels speaking at the International Women’s Day debate.

“Now that we’ve achieved so much, we really feel like it’s time to give back to businesses by helping them get started, or helping to remove whatever roadblock is stopping them getting to where they know they can go.”

Join us

We know you will find something that helps you on our site. And we’d love you to keep in touch. We’re keen to hear about the issues affecting your business, how you do things, your successes.