The better business life

This Business Life was born when creative small business owner, Raels Robertson and ecommerce entrepeneur Adam Jowett realised they were sitting on a gold mine of industry knowledge, gleaned from a 20 year career in business, digital, marketing and ecommerce. They had achieved award-winning success with Raels’ digital agency Mettro and Adam’s 100 Incomes strategies and decided it was time to find a way to help businesses at a more grass roots level.

“We wanted to use our extensive practical experience and creativity to offer business owners and professionals something they often couldn’t afford in a one-on-one capacity: their own personal business mentor, motivator, ideas generator, and someone they could ask all those questions that run through their heads day after day.”

This Business Life exists to inspire and educate business owners and professionals to be more than they thought they could be and achieve success they’ve only dreamed about. We combine creativity and technical know-how in articles, templates, ebooks, courses and more – all strategically designed to ensure our clients see real results.

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Key facts

  • Founder: Raels Robertson & Adam Jowett
  • Founded: Mettro in 2001
  • 5000+ projects
  • Thousands of businesses helped


  • Passionate people
  • Experienced
  • Honesty/integrity
  • Friendly
  • Human


Our mission is to help businesses succeed by sharing our lessons learned and providing useful advice, proven strategies and practical tools.